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Milwaukee Wisconsin



some of you may, or may not, know that i’m certified to teach yoga, and i ran a small studio for a short period of time. having a full time marketing job at the same time made running a studio that wasn’t very profitable nearly impossible.

with that said, yoga is still incredibly important to me, and i like to take classes as often as i can. i’m more of a student than a teacher anyway.

i’ve never…never…dated anyone who would even consider taking a yoga class with me. whether i taught it or not. i date guys who are interested in bands, bars and whiskey. not self-improvement and fitness.

RW grew up taking martial arts, so he has a good understanding of mind/body philosophies, and experience in meditation and stretching. i casually threw it out there that we should take a yoga class together. and he actually said yes.

so this saturday morning, we’re going to be taking a class together, and i’m ecstatic of his open-mindedness and his regard for something that’s not only incredibly important to me, but also a huge part of who i am.

i think i got a little tipsy this weekend and told RW that i am falling for him.


this is going to sound sort of vague. because it is.

i have co-workers who are almost irritatingly excited about every little detail about my relationship. conversely, there are important people in my life who i wish would be just a little excited for me. i feel weird offering up information about my relationship if it isn’t directly asked for. so i share nothing which i think gives them the impression i’m not really into it.

i think that might be something that’s holding me back from going head first into this…because the people closest to me aren’t at all excited for me. or interested in even hearing about it.


we’re more playful via text, now that we know each other’s tone, and it’s sometimes funny, sometimes sweet.

we’re not afraid to be cheesy about how much he loves that his pillow smells like me after i spend the night, or how much i love that he tells me those things.

it’s weird if we go a day without texting or being in some form of communication with each other.

he adores me, and he makes that clear. i’ve laid many of my perceived flaws on the table, and he doesn’t flinch. he usually smiles at me, and kisses my face.

he rubs my feet after a night out in heels. he knows how uncomfortable my feet are, and he knows i wore them because he likes them.

he’s consistently thinking of me; making sure i have creamer for my coffee in case i might stay the night sometime soon, and buying me Red Hot because i put it on a lot of things.

he told me how much he wants to do nothing with me…he wants to put his nose in a book while i paint. he wants the ordinary day to day with me.

he holds my hand or puts his hand on my back when we’re out. it makes me feel like he’s proud of me and he’s making sure everyone knows i’m his.

as hesitant as i am to go there, i really am his. aside from ryan gosling looks, i can’t ask for anything else in a man.





Deep inside, she knew who she was, and that person was smart and kind and often even funny, but somehow her personality always got lost somewhere between her heart and her mouth, and she found herself saying the wrong thing or, more often, nothing at all.
Julia Quinn, Romancing Mister Bridgerton (via darlingjustbehuman)